I haven’t been able to get anything done today because someone gave me this beautiful new cookbook... and I can’t seem to put it down! 

(Helpful hint: It’s a killer Mother’s Day gift & you can still get it Primed-on-Time from Amazon... and at $28.46, I can only say it's also a killer deal!)

It is a visual feast & such a charming mother-daughter story. Very apropos for Mother’s Day this coming Sunday... And the recipes seem delicious and approachable! I also love how they begin their story:

“People ask us all the time how two American women- a mother and daughter, nonetheless- ended up creating a French cooking school in Burgundy.  It’s a long story, but when we left telling, as it reminds us that, with enough determination and grit, anything is possible.“

 Terrific advice for us mammas to pass along to our daughters this Mother’s Day 💞